Suds and smiles

We have turned a corner here at the Gaines house lately. Reese is napping again (hope I'm not jinxing that), she really is acting so grown up all of a sudden, loves doing things independently, and is acting so much more mature this week. After a little bit of a sassy rough patch, I really think she is getting used to this whole big sister thing and what a good one she is! Hudson is giving us LOTS of smiles lately and talking up a storm. I tried to capture it on video, but this is just a glimpse of how fun he is becoming...

I could just squeeze that little face he's such a cutie.

That smile melts my heart. It's so sweet how Reese mimics everything I say to try and get him to talk and smile with her too. Yesterday when Hudson and I went to my doctor's appointment Reese said, "but mom, I'm gonna miss Hudson too much.". She was very excited for their first bath together too!

What a lucky mommy and wife I am. Two sweet kids, an amazing hubby who keeps our life in order, and the gift of staying home for a few months to really savor it all.

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