A Blessed Weekend

The big weekend was a hit!  Adam arranged for Jenny and Tyler to come to our church for Hudson's baptism.  We knew we needed some special music, because for Reese's we had Bethany Dillon.  What a great time it was. 
The concert was Saturday night.  I'm so proud of Adam for putting on such an amazing show.  We had a grant this time so he wasn't concerned with making money, just wanted butts in seats to be blessed by Jenny and Tyler's music! 170ish people later I think we accomplished it!  It was also Reese's first concert and she was SO excited.  Of course she did not nap, so by the time the concert rolled around she was crazy hyper.  Here's a glimpse..

She was yelling the words to all of the songs.  She also insisted on sleeping in the tshirt I made her.
oh yes, and she made a new best friend, eliza.

the real highlight of the weekend was welcoming hudson into God's family through his baptism.  so many friends and family joined us to celebrate...

jenny and tyler played some more sweet music...

what a little blessing you are hudson david.

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