girls' weekend in chicago

reese, mom, and i went to chicago to visit jenna this weekend.  i love going there.  it's such a fun change of pace.  some of the highlights included...
a trip to american girl to get "baby" a new outfit and doctor's kit. thanks grandma!
(she really was excited, just doesn't want you to take her picture lately..haha)
we ate dinner at the erie cafe right next to jenna and chris' place.  i had to chuckle when this fido mobile showed up selling gourmet doggy bones and ice cream.  my sister was a sucker and bought one for dennis and steve to share.

reese loves her aunt jenna!

and the park next door to end the evening.  chicago has the best parks!
the next day we ventured to the lincoln park zoo for a bit. 
reese was glued to the railing watching the seals.  i don't think she knew what to think...
the monkeys were next...
reese wanted to make sure bunny got a good look too.  she would look at the monkeys herself, then go to get bunny and hold it up to the window and talk quietly to bunny saying, "here bunny you see monkey too."  so precious.
and the goats...but when asked what her favorite animal was..."the moos".  she was sure to let me know those weren't don's cows though.

thanks for a fun weekend aunt jenna!

....and....happy 7th anniversary to my hubby and i.:)

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