Reese is 2

I bet I'll feel this way every year, but I can't believe she's 2!  Here are some milestones to remember
*sleeps 7-7 and takes a nap from 1-3 (i know i consider myself very blessed)
*is scared of things now...the dark, the dog in The Sandlot, burglars in Home Alone 2, and various other frightening things
*says amen after she finishes reading a book
*repeats part of her bedtime prayer with us
*when she has her shopping cart or car and says she's going bye-bye, she always says she's going to church
*can sort things
*knows that her name has an "S" in it
*can sing happy birthday to herself
*sings the elmo song (well, mostly just the la la la part)
*puts 2-3 words together when talking
*she can jump
*can pull her pants up half way, takes her socks on and off herself, and can sometimes get out of a shirt by herself
*helps me count to 10
*if you ask her how old she is she sometimes says 2 and sometimes says 3
*can pee on command in the potty, but still wears diapers (hopefully not for long!)
*knows who baby Jesus is and especially loves pointing him out in the book Ashlee got for her for Christmas

Reese's birthday party was so much fun.  Ashlee helped, I mean made, her Minnie Mouse cake. 

We were very excited to give her the present from us on Friday (her actual birthday).  It was a total hit!  She climbed in, said "jump!" and went into the air landing on her bottom.  She can work up quite a sweat in that thing..
Here she is in action...
For a month now she's been singing happy birthday to herself.  When you ask her how old she is she now says 2, she must have gone backwards in years because for weeks she was saying that she was going to be 3 soon:)

HAPPY SECOND BIRTHDAY, REESE.  We are so proud of who you are becoming.  You already love Jesus and are so kind to others (especially if they happen to be a baby:)

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