jenny & tyler

we were able to spend time with new friends this weekend, jenny & tyler.  they are christian music artists from nashville.  adam discovered them one day while listening to pandora and decided to email them to see if they'd do a concert at church.  much to our delightment they did yesterday!  i was so proud of adam for putting so much time and energy into this concert.  he would love to bring different bands in on a regular basis as outreach events and jenny & tyler were a wonderful way to start this dream off.  what a sweet couple.  they are a true testiment to what a loving marriage is to look like.  you could just see God's light shining through them.  during the concert i was looking outside just watching the world go by.  it is so mind boggling to think about each minute of your day and how we don't seem to appreciate those minutes enough.  much of their message last night (and this morning during church with pastor dave) had to do with this idea.  you never know what minute will be your last.  i have to constantly remind myself that every second counts and could be another opporunity to show Jesus to someone who doesn't know Him.  jenny and tyler do this kind of life a justice just in the way they present themselves, interact with others, and live according to His will.  thank you jenny & tyler for showing us a glimpse of your life and sharing that with us.


  1. umm yeah they are stinkin amazing...seriously. sweetest couple you'll ever meet. they stayed the night at our house actually. check out their other songs!