merry christmas

christmas was so fun this year.  reese is at that age where she thinks every toy is the most awesome thing since sliced bread and gets very excited when a present is for her...she kept asking..."mine?"  we made the mistake of teaching her to say "ho ho" before we taught her to say "jesus" so when we kept asking her who's birthday it was she'd say, "ho ho!"  finally today though, (the day after christmas) she pointed to the nativity scene and said, "Jesus!"  yay:)
we spent christmas eve night at mom and dad's house in the fort.  reese got to open two presents on christmas eve..the first her new bitty baby and the crib that mom made a matching quilt to go with her bedroom set.  it was a hit to say the least!  she ripped open the package and yelled, "BABY!"  she spent the evening putting her baby night-night, complete with reading her a book, saying her prayers, and kissing her goodnight.

 she also opened her christmas jammies from mommy and daddy.  the bunny slippers were her favorite!

my sis and i :)

 and here's reese with grandma on christmas morning.  she was helping grandma open her gifts:)
christmas day we were off to grammie and grandpa's house.  the whole gang came over and excitement ensued.  more babies and even a piano.  daddy is hoping this is the start of reese's future music career.  she was a total crack up singing (aka yelling) into the microphone.
 and the annual christmas pj's shot.  halie and kamryn were sick:( but it was still a very fun time had by all.
i'm not sure what it was about this christmas, but it just seemed extra enjoyable.  reese was so excited about everything.  i think i also changed my mind set this year, taking the pressure off everything being perfect and just enjoying each small moment.  church didn't have to be just so for me to love it, it was perfect in all of it's imperfections.  it didn't matter to me if schedules didn't go exactly how i planned and it just seemed more relaxed because of it.  jesus came into an imperfect world and that's how it needs to be enjoyed, in all of it's realness. 
~merry christmas 2010~

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