wow, i've let almost a month go by without posting...YIKES!  here's the past few weeks in review...
happy thanksgiving!  this was my first attempt at getting a picture for our christmas card...

 this was the second attempt...
 we spent thanksgiving this year at grammie and grandpa's house in portage.  reese loved seeing all of her cousins!  grammie collects hallmark singing figurines and they were  a big hit with reese.  she liked pushing the buttons herself.  grammie also got her puzzles out and reese loved them:)  here's reese and halie. she tries to be just like her big cousins!  her zhu zhu pet was also a ploy to get her to sit still for a picture.
 here's the christmas photo of all the grandkids that grammie took for her christmas card...fairly painless this year i must say!
 and fairly hilarious trying to get six squirmy children to say cheese.  reese had no trouble screaming cheese, cheese, over and over again for all of the flashes...WHAT A HAM!
 the third attempt...
 our church has a new location and is officially lutheran now!  adam worked so hard to make this happen.  president stecholz visited to make us official.  we're hoping this is a huge blessing of possible connections with other churches and some financial backing so we can do more outreach!
 last friday adam and i got to go on a date!  we went to the barlow girl christmas concert..it was AMAZING to say the least.  God definitely had a special message for us at the concert.
 fourth attempt...at our new house this time...which we moved into officially on december 5th!  there is much unpacking to be done still, but it already feels like home.  the christmas decorations are up, we are enjoying all of the remodeling we did (ok, not so much we as adam:)), and can i say how amazing it is to be on one floor rather than 3!  reese does miss grandma (aka "namma") though.  she still says "home!" when we pull into their subdivision.
 fifth attempt...
 sixth and final!...p.s. she's holding the little egg ornament her great-grandma made for her last year at christmas.  it has a baby inside of it and she treats it like a real baby...rocks it, puts it "night-night" in her crib, pushes it in her stroller.  such a good little mommy she'll be someday.
 and the attempt at a picture with santa (aka "ho-ho")
 winter baby...or should i say big girl...not so much a baby anymore!
 yesterday we wanted to go sledding with reese because we got the first real snow of the season.  we didn't get back from mom's until late, but daddy couldn't resist. we went out flashlight and all (reese is a little freaked out of the dark these days)...so much fun!

 and that brings us to today!  we had a snow day so the bigelows came over this afternoon to join in on the fun.
 reese liked going down the hill best with her friend audrey.  she kept saying, "more, more!"

i'm sure there will be much more of this to come this winter.

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  1. ha! i just finished posting as well :) what a great catch up post. loved all the attempts at a christmas photo. i'm sure you were much more patient about it than i! thanks again for a great night!