yesterday and today

yesterday the bigelow's came over.  ashley and i are planning a quiet book for the girls.  we were hoping to start it and finish it yesterday...hah! we realized it is going to be a christmas present instead.  here's one we're fashioning it after http://craftychiclyric.blogspot.com/2009/07/girls-quiet-book.html
we aren't doing it exactly the same, but very similar.  we worked on the gumball page yesterday and just about finished it, it has removable gumballs so you can match the colors.  we also went to the pool..here are the movie stars raring to go...
later we played with the water table!  audrey taught reese some new tricks..throwing water..so hilarious.

and they ended the evening with some sliding...

summer needs to stop slipping through my fingers.  we are having such a fun time playing and hanging out with friends.

and now for TODAY! WE CLOSE ON OUR NEW HOUSE TODAY...can't wait!

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  1. i like the new blog title!cute idea for a book, you'll have to tell me how you make it!