disney world

what a trip, what a trip.  candy and dave were nice enough to treat the whole family to a trip to disney!  here's how it went in a nutshell.

day one: mgm (my personal favorite park)...highlight of the whole trip happened here. first attraction. reese dancing and clapping at the playhouse disney show!

it rained. we got wet, but it felt good because it was SOOOOOOO HOT!

here we are at the muppets 3D show

day two: epcot.  this was reese at the beginning of the day. not too hot yet so she's happy...

here's grammie and grandpa with all of the grandkids!

we found the halloween costume!

day three: animal kingdom

reese enjoyed the african safari jeep ride and liked petting the goats.  but i think she liked this fake gorilla the best...it was in the air conditioning:)

and the highlight of animal kingdom...seeing the doggies!  goofy and pluto.  reese liked petting them and talking to them.

day four: we relaxed at the pool. perhaps my favorite day of the week.  reese loved playing in the fountains at the shallow pool.

day five: magic kingdom. the most crowded of the parks, but a favorite of mine as well.  i hadn't been there since middle school.  you just can't help but feel like a kid!  reese was able to go on many more rides here.  i think she liked, "it's a small world", the best.

i couldn't wait to take reese to minnie and mickey's house.  she couldn't wait either...here she is...sleeping in front of minnie's:)

it was fun. it was hot. we were tired.  but for some reason reese was not tired enough to fall asleep on the plane.  here she is right before we got on, standing up and bouncing in her stroller! she makes me laugh:)

gotta love disney!

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  1. So jealous! I can't wait to take the girls! I think we are gonna wait though until they are a little older. Looks like you had a blast!