Easter 2010

It's so strange to think back to last Easter when Reese looked like this...

I remember thinking how much more fun next Easter would be because she'd be able to do an egg hunt and beebop around a little more.  Boy was I right!  Reese loved the egg hunt. 

We taped her eggs shut so they didn't spill open (and really it was my coniving so she wouldn't discover the candy inside).  She thought they were shakers and walked around all afternoon shaking them up and down. 

She's so funny because she always has to have one in each hand, she's the same way with blocks.  She tried incessantly to get two in each hand, but it never quite worked out for her.
The Easter baskets were also a hit.  When she opened the one at our house she took everything out and handed it all to us.  What a good sharer:)
She also wanted to read an Easter book.  One of her favorite things to do these days is bring me a book, sit in my lap, turn the pages, and point to everything in the book so I can tell her the name for it.  I must say, as a kindergarten teacher, I love that she likes doing this!
Let's not forget about the game of ring around the rosie we had to play before leaving for Grammie and Grandpa's!

At Grammie and Grandpa's house she loved the bunny the best!
Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross, rising again, and blessing us with these little joys from Reese.

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