Reese is 1!

Today, February 11, 2010 Reese turned one. I honestly do not know where the year went. When everyone tells you the time flies by they aren't lying! A year ago we were in the hospital starting this journey, waiting all night for her debut at 6:47 a.m. It's still amazing to me how much she's learned this year...how excited we were when Reese smiled for the first time, rolled over, started moving like an inchworm, accomplished real crawling (even when I thought she would never crawl for real), saying her first word "up", and now...clapping, sneaking to the stairs, stacking blocks, dancing when we sing, "boom shakalaka", and walking. What a journey! Here are some highlights from the birthday festivities... My actual birthday.."What mom...I know you've been trying to get a picture of me looking at the actual camera for 20 minutes...this is your only shot!"

My birthday cake that Kim made for me...she's amazing...seriously...

opening presents...I loved tearing tissue paper the best and started screeching because I was so excited!

the "besties" being crazy.."Haha, they're not getting a picture of us!"

My party was on the Saturday before our birthday and Audrey's was the Saturday after our birthday..she liked her cake much more than I did. I didn't get messy, but she had much more fun...maybe next year.

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