Reese loves playing with her toys now, which is a miracle considering two weeks ago she was the fussiest baby you've ever met. Once we figured out that the formula we were supplementing with was giving her a belly ache she's been a different child: laughing, liking the swing, smiling and cooing at things that light up. We're having so much fun! I just feel bad she was miserable for a month and a half..babies are tricky to figure out sometimes:) So now, when she's playing with her activity gym, she'll lay down at make silly faces at the light up bear for quite a while. However, you'll know when she's getting bored by the pout face she starts to make before she starts fussing. Call me a horrible mom but I crack up at it every time. She already knows how to work the system at the ripe age of two months!

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  1. ohh very nice family, good luck